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Live Performance to Support A Great Cause

Hey guys!

I'm so stoked to be a part of this show coming up on February 1st!  Local artist's Brittany Stoney, Flint Eastwood, and myself will be performing at DIME to raise awareness for youth homelessness and the LGBT community. The show is organized by 'Start From Here'.

Again, the show will take place on February 1st, 2016 at DIME.

Get your tickets soon! I hope I see some of your beautiful faces there :)

Jena Irene


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Detroit City

Detroit City

Hey guys :),

Got some cool news to share since my last post! My first video for my song, “Unbreakable", premiered on October 5th and already has a good amount of views! The song is not available to download anywhere AS OF RIGHT NOW, but I really hope you guys enjoy the video :)

As you guys have probably already guessed, this record will be released over a long period of time..but I’m quite confident it’s the right way to go. My sound and songwriting has evolved so much since the last time I was in the "public eye”…. I feel the only way for people to completely understand and grasp the transformation, is to release the music in chunks.

AND not to mention how happy and proud I am to make it happen right here in Detroit. There’s some amazing stuff happening in this bad ass city, and I’m excited to contribute to this wonderful revolution through my music.

Speaking of Detroit, I just performed a few songs off the record at an event called the "Detroit Homecoming"˛ where I met some awesome peeps! Later that day, I also was invited to perform at the preview for Michael Bolton’s new documentary film about Detroit, "Keep On Dreamin’”, Michael and I performed “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”, a Motown song of course!

But to our surprise, Martha Reeves happened to be chillin' in the audience, so she came up and joined us! Of course, I was shitting my pants because come on... IT’S MARTHA FUCKING REEVES! She is queen. But all in all it was an amazing day and made me miss performing everyday :(…but soon enough I hope I’ll have it back ;)

Again, thank you for all your support and I’ll be keeping y’all as updated as possible :)
Love you doods,



Songwriting ...

heyhey doods,

I’ve been on this writing cleanse/inspirational kick and there is not a better time for it than when your managers are back home in England for a good two weeks! I’m usually at a loss when they’re gone because we ALWAYS have so many ideas flowing back and forth between each other! But this trip was different…I basically locked myself in my basement and fucked around on the piano until the light bulb came on….to be honest, I haven’t had a chance write down a full idea for a song since I finished the record (which was in Feb)…so it was nice to exercise that part of my brain for a good week and a half straight!

I forgot how therapeutic writing songs can be. I love how I can sing my own words, and tell a story in my perspective. Cuz that’s what songwriting is…. the same stories told over and over again, but in different perspectives…my songs are my version of those stories. I suggest trying it ;)

lol since this past week has been pretty routine, my favorite part of the day is when my mom comes down at a certain point in the afternoon and listens for a good 10 minutes. Then, quietly heads back upstairs. By the end of the day, I have a rough draft for the particular song I’m working on, then she comes and listens again for the “final rough draft critique”! Ahahah I think it’s an untold tradition we do after I finish a well drafted song. It’s kinda cool hearing her feedback as I get older and noticing how the lyrics may appeal to more people since I’ve experienced life just a little bit more ;)

What can I say, I’m an old soul trapped in a 19 year old body aha!
Missing everyone and I love seeing your comments on the new Unbreakable music video!

Talk soon,


Dally in the Alley

Photo by Thomas Richardson Jr

Photo by Thomas Richardson Jr

Hey everyone!

It’s been tooooooo long since I last posted and wanted to share some badass moments since we last spoke. How is everyone else doing?!? I’m actually going to school (DIME Online) to get my bachelors degree in Creative Songwriting! It’s something that i’ve wanted to do for a while, and the fact that I can still do school part-time and get ready for this record to release is great (and it keeps me really busy). I recently played a show out in New Jersey at the annual “Inked Out” tattoo convention! This shit was amazing and something i’ve never heard of so I was extremely excited to check it out. Sadly, I did not get any new tattoo’s (although I was really hoping I was going to).

So the morning after Ink fest, me and the gang flew back to Detroit to play this awesome street festival called “Dally In The Alley” right in Midtown Detroit. This festival had such an amazing vibe from the different bands that played before and after us, and everyone else just having a great time together. I’m amazed at how many people stuck around to watch the whole set so thank you SO MUCH to everyone who listened! I look forward to playing Dally next year and see some familiar faces:)

Anyways, I just want you all to know how much I love you and can’t wait for you to hear this record. I know it’s been a while and waiting sucks, but we will get through it together! I promise this shit is worth it:) I hope you”re all doing amazing!

Talk soon,


P.S. Thank you to the crazy talented photographer who took these photo’s during Dally In The Ally! Feels good to get back out there ;)