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Excuse me, but I'm excited that my debut album “Cold Fame” is gonna be out tomrrow!  June 2nd:) 

It’s definitely been a long time coming, I’ve made sure this is so. After a few years of much needed hard work, I’m so proud and ready for this body of work to be released for your ears to dance too. 

I’ve learned that this road is full of surprises with inevitable tumbles and turns. I think it depends on how you choose to spend it and who you’re spending it with (i’m talking about life), but I’ll forever be trying to be figuring that one out too.

The album holds the simple concept of girl transforming into herself as a woman. Growing up and putting yourself out there in the music industry in this day and age is completely different to how things were ran only 15-20 years ago. The only way to do it is to go balls-to-the-wall and be nothing but myself. I give you these songs not as a reach for understanding, but to relate to in your own way. Perspective is everything, and underneath we’re all the same :)

Writing it definitely forced a “come to Jesus” talk with myself. I had to get the honesty and rawness of the story across perfectly and there were only 3 others possible to make that happen.

These babes are Kevin Nixon, Antea Shelton and Elise McCoy. 

The funniest and most supportive band that helped me record this album involved Craig Shephard, Brandon "Showtime" Bland and RainMan Entertainment. The amount of intuition and insight that these fellas have on music in general is something out of this world, and I’m so thankful to learn from them.

We had a fun 7ish months recording it in the most welcoming studio ever! Thank you, Studio A of Dearborn, for the hospitality and opportunity to work with the amazing staff. 

The 14 track compilation was produced by one of my crazy talented managers and friend, Kevin Nixon. 

It takes a team and I couldn’t have handpicked a better group of people- #WeAreOriginal1265 

I won’t share too much more, but there turned out to be a very hopeful ending for me. No matter what happens in this crazy life or world, I get to do what I love - Make music, smoke weed, and let the adventure do the navigating. 

Who knows what the future holds for album #2…..

Love to all - JIA