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Floating Down The River


Boy has it been a crazy few months-So much has happened I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve learned a lot-more importantly have learned a lot about myself. 

I have the tendency to be a hermit crab when I feel uncomfortable with the way I feel about myself, or thinking too much about how others view me-and I began to make a significant change.

There is no mother fucking way you can please everyone-and I myself have tried to take on that challenge (especially a few years ago wink wink). People pleasing is exhausting and overrated, because at the end of the day-everyone feels okay except the people pleaser. 

Focusing on myself is one of the hardest and rewarding things I’ve felt. This transformation is finally clicking with loyal and new listeners as I continue to meet and figure out my demographic the more my message is vocalized. 

My new single, Floating Down The River comes out TODAY!!!! 

I’m so pleased this is the first single to introduce what kind of content and direction i’m taking for the album. The inspiration for this song is so generalized, touching on nearly all points of my message within the lyrics. 

Passionate shit that keeps running through my mind whether I want it to or not- a judgement-free world will never coalesce, haters always gon’ hate.

The only thing that’s made it so enjoyable for me to make this record is that it was the gateway to let myself be myself. 

And to let myself be honest with my audience, but more importantly the people I’m close with. 

Floating Down The River is about as honest as it gets. I love the city I grew up in and all the people that made it special, but outgrowing things is NOT a step back- it’s a step forward. Detroit has welcomed me with open arms in the last 2 years specifically and I’m so grateful for the friends, mentors, and inspirational figures that walk the streets. I owe my edginess to Detroit and all the people who’ve encouraged the brutal honesty of this record (and Floating Down The River in particular) instead of suppressing it- you guys are a constant reminder to be myself everyday and to not apologize for it. 

AND I CAN’T WAIT TO MOVE!! (This is happening sometime this year-I love you mom, but it’s time make the independence official). 

Floating Down The River is just the beginning…. ;)