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Innocence EP and Billboard Chart Entry!

Hey Everyone,

Been too long since the last blog, but SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since the last time we caught up! For starters, my EP “Innocence” is available to buy/stream/download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.!!!! I know some of you have been waiting almost a year and a half for me to release music, and I just want to say thank YOU for sticking around! For those of you who are new listeners, welcome to my website! I already love you lol.

I view this EP as a warm up to the full length record, Cold Fame, that will come out later this year.

This EP has 5 tracks on it, the order is……..

You Gotta Help Me

Each of these tracks are pretty diverse in terms of songwriting, but the over all sonic sound of this EP is a good representation of what the record (Cold Fame) sounds like. I hope everyone who decides to download and listen to this will get an understanding of who I am as a songwriter. I am not just a voice. I have things to say that may not be considered “roll model material”, but in today's society, I will ALWAYS be honest in every piece of work that I put out.

Although I wrote these songs about my experiences (in my short life), I’ve learned so much about this industry, business, songwriting, but mostly about myself. I now feel fully confident to give this music to you as I know who I am as an artist. I also can’t wait to share my stories and make connections with those of you who love adventure as much as I do.

Since the release of this EP, there’s been some great support from all my fans, old and new, and I can’t thank you enough forgetting my EP to chart on the Billboard Heatseekers! The EP started off at #6 in the North East Central region, and #18 on over all Heatseekers album chart...still on such a high since I found out 😍

Hard copies of the EP are available on my website store, I know a few of you have been asking for them on Twitter. DON’T WORRY I GOTCHU!!  BUY A COPY HERE:

If you haven't seen the new video for the single "Innocence", Check it out as it was a fun one to film ;)

There's also another upcoming video for YOU GOTTA HELP ME! Currently in the editing stage, but so excited for you to see it 😎  We shot it in the LA desert on this abandoned highway...the footage is looking bad ass!"

Anyways, I love you all and glad you have something to reference in terms of MY music ;)