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Rehearsing ...



Hay Hay!

The gang and I are well into a week and a half of rehearsals so the groove is going strong. It’s definitely a work in progress but the hard part of learning the songs is almost over! After we’re comfortable with the album arrangements, we’ll then incorporate different instruments, add 3-part harmony, and add new intros/outros for a dramatic effect ;)

My goal for arranging this live show with the rest of the 1265 team is for me to go outside of my comfort zone. They’ve challenged me thus far with my song writing ability, now it’s time to test what I’m capable of during live performance. I’ve had some practice from American Idol, but this time around will be an evolved version with my own songs and my own show. We have a ways to go, but the hard work is already paying off so STAY TUNED MY LOVES!

Be together soon <3,