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Introducing My Band - Craig 'Shep' Shephard

JA: Hey Craig! So why are you the best bass player (according to me)?
CS: I've played with a lot of different artists both inside and outside of the studio which has made me a very versatile musician, but other than that, I have years of experience and a passion for music all the way around!

JA: What's your background, or history with music up to this point in your career?
CS: I came up in music as a child and I was a part of an all girl band called "Lyric" (obviously I was the only boy and bass player), from there I went over to jazz, and from there I gradually elevated playing bigger shows with bigger artist! Artist's like Eric Roberson, Algebra Blessett, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Deitrick Haddon and more.

JA: So what's your favorite game to play on the bus after a show?
CS: It's not really a game, more of an activity, but my favorite thing is when the whole bus is singing one song while making up a bunch of harmonies on the spot. It doesn't have to be perfect, just a fun group thing to do.

JA: What would be your dream venue to play?
CS: A dream venue for me is to play overseas anywhere, but here in America, I would have to say Madison Square Garden, New York City.

JA: What are you most looking forward to on the road?
CS:………….FUN NIGHTS and parties of course! Other than playing music and touching the hearts of Jena Irene fans :)

JA: Who are some musicians you look up to?
CS: Definitely Stevie Wonder, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel. The list goes on and on!

JA: Andddd a bonus question!!! Favorite food?
CS: Burgers! specifically bacon cheese burgers...

Here's Shep with the rest of the Jena Irene crew!