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Detroit City

Detroit City

Hey guys :),

Got some cool news to share since my last post! My first video for my song, “Unbreakable", premiered on October 5th and already has a good amount of views! The song is not available to download anywhere AS OF RIGHT NOW, but I really hope you guys enjoy the video :)

As you guys have probably already guessed, this record will be released over a long period of time..but I’m quite confident it’s the right way to go. My sound and songwriting has evolved so much since the last time I was in the "public eye”…. I feel the only way for people to completely understand and grasp the transformation, is to release the music in chunks.

AND not to mention how happy and proud I am to make it happen right here in Detroit. There’s some amazing stuff happening in this bad ass city, and I’m excited to contribute to this wonderful revolution through my music.

Speaking of Detroit, I just performed a few songs off the record at an event called the "Detroit Homecoming"˛ where I met some awesome peeps! Later that day, I also was invited to perform at the preview for Michael Bolton’s new documentary film about Detroit, "Keep On Dreamin’”, Michael and I performed “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”, a Motown song of course!

But to our surprise, Martha Reeves happened to be chillin' in the audience, so she came up and joined us! Of course, I was shitting my pants because come on... IT’S MARTHA FUCKING REEVES! She is queen. But all in all it was an amazing day and made me miss performing everyday :(…but soon enough I hope I’ll have it back ;)

Again, thank you for all your support and I’ll be keeping y’all as updated as possible :)
Love you doods,