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Songwriting ...

heyhey doods,

I’ve been on this writing cleanse/inspirational kick and there is not a better time for it than when your managers are back home in England for a good two weeks! I’m usually at a loss when they’re gone because we ALWAYS have so many ideas flowing back and forth between each other! But this trip was different…I basically locked myself in my basement and fucked around on the piano until the light bulb came on….to be honest, I haven’t had a chance write down a full idea for a song since I finished the record (which was in Feb)…so it was nice to exercise that part of my brain for a good week and a half straight!

I forgot how therapeutic writing songs can be. I love how I can sing my own words, and tell a story in my perspective. Cuz that’s what songwriting is…. the same stories told over and over again, but in different perspectives…my songs are my version of those stories. I suggest trying it ;)

lol since this past week has been pretty routine, my favorite part of the day is when my mom comes down at a certain point in the afternoon and listens for a good 10 minutes. Then, quietly heads back upstairs. By the end of the day, I have a rough draft for the particular song I’m working on, then she comes and listens again for the “final rough draft critique”! Ahahah I think it’s an untold tradition we do after I finish a well drafted song. It’s kinda cool hearing her feedback as I get older and noticing how the lyrics may appeal to more people since I’ve experienced life just a little bit more ;)

What can I say, I’m an old soul trapped in a 19 year old body aha!
Missing everyone and I love seeing your comments on the new Unbreakable music video!

Talk soon,